A Joyful Experience As a Surrogate Mother

By December 14, 2018 Blog
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For many people, surrogacy sounds like an impossible mission. It’s hard to imagine how you would go through the process of carrying and giving birth to someone else’s child, both physically and mentally. But for surrogate mothers, this is a unique and rewarding experience in giving and kindness. It can help both the intended families and surrogate mothers to get a better life.

Many surrogate mothers shared their surrogacy stories openly and hope to help others better understand this process.

ASC become egg donation For most surrogate mothers, the idea of becoming a surrogate mother always comes from compassion for infertility. A friendly, knowledgeable and responsive surrogacy agency is the key to making all this happen. Surrogate mother Kelli recalled that her journey started after meeting with a caring and knowledgeable agency who addressed all her concerns. later was able to coordinate and organize information between all the parties related to the surrogacy process. The main goal is to make every surrogate mother feels comfortable and respected when starting her surrogacy journey. “I was most grateful for the opportunity to select the family as much as the family is able to select me,” said Kelli. Who pair with a lovely couple from France and successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl for them.

surrogate motherWhen the preparation and legal procedures are completed, here comes the IVF. The process is rigorous. Surrogate mothers need to go through a series of tests, take different pills, go in for ultrasounds and administer shots regularly. It takes months to get surrogate mothers physically ready to implant embryos. Still, there is the risk of a failed transfer and even the loss of a fetus weeks after pregnancy. It is never easy, but the surrogate mothers are surround love and support from all the agencies as well as the intended family. “The journey was so much more rewarding than I could ever have imagined!” said surrogate mother Alexis. She can never forget the intend family’s tears and excitement when they found out she pregnant, and that their family name would carry on.

Although most surrogate mothers have gone through a pregnancy before and are familiar with different pregnancy symptoms. They are still carefully professional protect. Making sure to maintain their physical and mental health, as well as the baby’s. The surrogacy agencies will not only set up routine prenatal care for the surrogate mothers. But also constantly call and email the mother to check whether she needed anything, making sure everything is going well. The intended families will also express their gratitude and love through emails or even in-person visits.

After months of waiting, there can be no happier experience than welcoming the baby. A surrogate mother Alex said that, as a mother and parent, she knew the feeling and she knew that the intended parents felt the same way when the baby was born. At that time, at each diaper change or feeding, the parents squealed with excitement.

surrogate motherBeing a surrogate mother helps make the intended family complete, and, in the meanwhile, makes a great difference to the surrogate mother’s own family. The considerable financial compensation for surrogacy helps a lot of surrogate mothers and their families improve their lives. Two-time surrogate mother Julie Williams made $60,000 from her two surrogacies. The compensation not only helped her family pay off debt but also put a chunk into her family’s savings. Which allows them to travel a lot and move to a bigger house for her own children.

Many surrogate mothers get questions like, “How can you carry someone else’s baby?” “How can you just give the baby up at the end?” The truth is, surrogate mothers care about the babies, but not in a maternal way. Their attachments are more to the parents and the rewarding experience they all share. They see the desperation of families who struggle with their own fertility and are willing to provide every opportunity for those families to feel the joy of parenthood. It is a bittersweet journey, but, with support from their own family, the intended parents, and the agencies, they never walk alone. As a professional surrogacy center, American Surrogacy Center provides first-class service and care to our surrogate mothers. Supports them to help more intend parents get their wishes for a family fulfill.

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