What are the Benefits of Surrogacy for All Involved?

By December 14, 2018 Blog
Benefits of Surrogacy

Benefits of Surrogacy | Surrogacy has become a fast-growing industry in recent years, but it is an emerging field, and many people still have doubts about it. With limited knowledge, some people even think it will be harmful. Surrogacy is a complicated and confusing process of building a family, so for those who have little experience with surrogacy, it might be difficult to decide whether it is right for them at first, if they are not sure about the pros and cons of surrogacy.

Nevertheless, the truth is that surrogacy actually has many benefits for both intended parents and surrogate mothers.


For intended parents:

Benefits of Surrogacy

  • Surrogacy makes it possible for families facing infertility and members of the LGBT community to have a biological child or a genetically related child, which will help to build a happy family with no regrets.
  • Through surrogacy, intended parents involve in their child’s growth and their surrogate’s pregnancy. By the way, it allows them to raise a child from birth. In a word, intended parents will never miss any important moment of their child’s development.
  • Surrogate mothers have all proven their ability to successfully carry a pregnancy and passed a series of related tests. Which means a surrogate pregnancy can be more likely to succeed than other infertility treatments.
  • Intended parents are more likely to have control and peace of mind through a surrogate pregnancy than they usually have for infertility treatments or child adoption.

The advantages of surrogacy for surrogate mothers may be not as obvious as those for intended parents. Different surrogates may step into this field with different reasons and goals, and also have a different experience of the journey. However, for most surrogates, the surrogacy process comes with many benefits, too, which greatly outweigh the disadvantages.


For surrogates:

  • Surrogates get generous compensation. The average compensation for surrogate mothers usually starts at $20,000 for a first-time surrogacy.
  • The whole surrogacy process is free for surrogates. More than that, they will receive professional medical care throughout their pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.
  • Surrogate mothers can build a strong sense of community with other surrogates and may create friendships that last for years. There will also be a special life-long bond and relationship with intended parents and their family.
  • Giving life is a joyful and even divine process to some extent. Being surrogate mothers gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment in helping another family. It make their dreams come true in such an incredible way.

Benefits of Surrogacy

All in all, surrogacy can be a life-changing journey for both surrogates and intended parents. But the advantages of surrogacy will still determine by the beneficiaries’ own personal goals and preferences. Before deciding to pursue this family-building process, it is necessary to consult with surrogacy professionals — like ASC — to learn more about the surrogacy process and all that is involved. ASC is committed to providing a positive and safe environment for every client. Besides that, it works with the most professional fertility clinics and law firms to help intended parents and surrogates get medical and legal support throughout the surrogacy process.

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