Why California Is The Best Place For IVF Journey

By January 22, 2019 Blog
Surrogacy California

Are you thinking about becoming a parent? Are you considering a surrogate? Or, are you thinking about becoming a surrogate?

Then you might be interested to know that location does make a difference.

California is considered one of the best States in the USA to complete IVF journey. But why?

Read on to find out.

The Legal Process

Surrogacy CaliforniaThe legal process in California is both clear and simple. Pre-birth parentage orders are permitted and require no hearing in the State. This means you can easily establish legal parental rights for intended parents.

A surrogacy contract will need to be completed and notarized prior to any medical steps are sought by the surrogate. Surrogates and intended parents will both be represented by a California surrogacy attorney to ensure that the needs and interests of both sides are looked after.

Pre-Birth Order Can Be Obtained From The State Court

Surrogacy CaliforniaNo hearing is necessary to obtain pre-birth orders. This means that the birth certificate will show only the intended parent or their names.

Surrogacy California laws are the most straightforward of any state across the U.S. But you will still require the help of a professional to complete the process in accordance with the laws.

California Screening & Dreaming

Surrogacy CaliforniaCalifornia surrogacy laws do not adequately address traditional surrogacy. This means traditional surrogacy is permitted but not well-regulated. And, there are some risks to bear in mind, including legal and emotional.

Meanwhile, by law, gestational surrogates are allowed assuming they are screened and are psychologically sound. These laws are very clear. This makes it easy for both surrogates and intended parents to legally achieve their surrogacy goals. Gestational surrogates are also more common overall.

Post-Birth Perks

Surrogacy CaliforniaOnce your child is born, you can obtain your birth certificate. If necessary, your attorney will lodge your citizenship and DNA testing application.

If you are from a foreign country, they will also help you with your passport application. Additionally, you will be guided through how to prepare these documents so you can take your child home.

As an American, however, all you need to do is obtain your birth certificate and bring your child to the nursery.

Surrogacy California

In summary, the IVF journey is best completed in the state of California. The laws are clear, simple and straightforward. Pre-birth orders are easily obtained from the state court. Gestational surrogacy is permitted, making it a good option. And, post-birth perks mean you won’t be confused about next steps.

As a professional surrogacy institution in California, American Surrogacy Center has ample experience in surrogacy for the families from different backgrounds. And we are happy to share our experience and help more people. If you have any questions, please check our website: https://ascsurrogacy.com

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