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“Being an egg donor is one of the most generous gifts that one woman can give to another family.”                 

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How long will this process take?

Once an egg donor is in a cycle, the process is quite short. However, before beginning a cycle, we must select an egg donor, and this process sometimes takes several months.

How many times can I donate?

Many donors donate more than once. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends no more than six donations in a donor’s lifetime.

Do I have to be a certain age to donate my eggs?

Donors must be between the ages of 19 and 31.

Will being an egg donor affect my ability to have children?

Your body produces millions of eggs, andretrive approximately 10-40 in one donation. Many donors have children of their own without any complications after being an egg donor.

Are there any risks associated with egg donation?

Egg donation is a low-risk procedure and specialists closely monitor donors to ensure a healthy, safe cycle. As with any medical procedure, there are minor risks involve. A donor coordinator will discuss potential risks in detail during your screening appointment.

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