Five Healthy Rewards for Being a Surrogate

By December 14, 2018 Blog
Healthy rewards for becoming a surrogate mother

Surrogacy California | Even though the surrogacy industry has been growing quite a bit in recent years. According to research, many people still hold the view that the surrogacy process may be harmful to a surrogate’s health. In fact, being a surrogate mother can provide benefits that last a lifetime.

Here are five major health rewards for surrogate mothers:

1. Healthy Lifestyle

Being a surrogate mother can encourage you to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is a demanding task to get pregnant and give birth to a baby. Therefore, in order to make the process smoother, keeping a habit of exercising is necessary for surrogates. We have introduced exercises suitable for pregnant women in our blog, “Best Pregnancy Workouts,” What’s more, following a healthy diet is also needed, because it will lay a solid foundation for the new baby’s health. How can you maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy? Check out our blog, “Three Diet Suggestions for Surrogate Mothers.”

Surrogacy California2. Lower Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Some studies have indicated that being pregnant lowers the risk of getting ovarian cancer. Subsequent pregnancies can reduce even more risk. Generally, the cells divide every month during a woman’s cycle, which leaves them vulnerable to cancer. However, the ovaries get time off during a pregnancy; as a result, the possibility of getting ovarian cancer can be reduced accordingly.

healthy rewards3. Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Moreover, pregnancy can also reduce the risk of breast cancer. Hormone surges link to breast cancer, and every month a woman’s ovaries naturally produce abundant hormones to keep her cycle going. Scientists have noticed that the more time a woman spends being pregnant, the fewer times she experiences these hormone bursts. Besides that, it can make her less likely to get breast cancer.

Surrogacy California4. Micro-Chimerism

Beyond healthy habits and a cancer-free physique, Danish researchers uncovered another reason why surrogate mothers may live longer. During pregnancy, some cells are pass through the placenta from the child to the carrier. By the way, this is refer to as micro-chimerism. Studies shows that women who have male micro-chimerism can live longer, and 85% of women who were carrying Y chromosomes lived until age 80, compared to 67% of those who were not. Male micro-chimerism can be the result of carrying a male child.

healthy rewards

5. Cardiovascular Health

In addition to emotional joy, being a surrogate can also help the mother gain better cardiovascular health. A study showed that the risk of heart disease and stroke is reduce after pregnancy. Although the benefit would not kick in until a woman had experienced at least four pregnancies.

In a word, getting pregnant can be a joyful and beneficial experience, and so can surrogacy. With the help of professional institutions such as ASC, the process can be even safer. So it is time to break the myth that being a surrogate will harm the mother’s health.

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