How Does Egg Donation Work?

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If you’ve read our previous posts on the subject, you’ve learned all about the benefits of egg donation in California and the requirements to be a donor. Now, it’s time to explore what is involved with the procedure itself.


First, it’s important to know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has determined that egg donation has a relatively high success rate. That means there’s a good chance that your donation will give the gift of life to the intended parents.


The first step in becoming a donor is to undergo the screening process. It’s important for both you and the intended parents to know you are a suitable candidate. The screening process involves blood work and an ultrasound. You’ll also have to take a psychological test.

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The good news is that these tests are not difficult or scary. You should also bring a copy of your most recent Pap smear and gynecological exam results. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to undergo additional tests.

Once you pass the tests, you’ll enter a pool to be matched with potential recipients.

Ovarian Hyperstimulation

When it’s time to begin the process of donating your eggs, you’ll enter the first phase, which is ovarian hyperstimulation. Donors generally take three drugs during this phase.

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The first drug controls when your eggs will mature. The second encourages multiple eggs to develop at the same time. Finally, once your eggs have matured, the third drug will trigger ovulation.

Egg Retrieval

When it’s time to retrieve your eggs, you’ll have to undergo an outpatient surgical procedure. The doctor will use an ultrasound probe and tube inserted into your vagina to guide a suctioning needle into each ovary.

Mature eggs will be removed, and then you’ll spend an hour or two in the clinic to recover before going home. You may also be given anti-nausea medication and antibiotics.

You’ll follow up with the doctor again in a week or so for another ultrasound and exam. That gives the physician the opportunity to make sure you’re healing well.

If you are thinking of donating your eggs, make sure you find a reputable clinic. The American Surrogacy Center would be glad to help. ASC offers many benefits when you choose egg donation in California.

We have the expertise to walk you through every step of the process. We also offer compensation for medical and travel expenses, along with egg-donor insurance and more.

Egg Retrieval

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