How To Choose the Right Surrogacy Agency

By October 22, 2018 Surrogacy
American surrogacy center

Surrogacy is a popular phenomenon lately. More and more people with fertility problems choosing this method to have their own babies. Once people decide to start this journey, the next step is to find the best surrogacy agency for them, a place where they can get the right help and advice. It can be a wonderful and smooth process, ending with the birth of a baby. However,without professional advice, surrogacy can also be dangerous. The American Surrogacy Center(ASC Surrogacy), a professional company in the surrogacy industry, strives to make the best match between surrogate mother and intended parent. They work with the top fertility clinics and law firms to help intended parents during the whole process.

American surrogacy center

The importance of choosing the right agency

For those intending to be parents, the right surrogacy agency will help and guide them through the whole process, making this journey safe and smooth. The surrogacy agency must provide complete information throughout every aspect of this process. For example, it provides donor matching, physical and mental screening, insurance, and fee payments.

Also, the agency acts as the bridge between the surrogate mothers and intended parents, growing their communications and enhancing their understanding of each other. The agency should also make a legal contract that defines every aspect of this process and the consequences of any potential situation.

List of questions when approaching a surrogacy agency

  1. What is the screening process for a surrogate mother?

The surrogacy agency must make sure everyone involved in this process is healthy and prepared for the challenges ahead of them, both mentally and physically. Therefore, the agency should have detailed information about their surrogate mothers. Also, they must inform all parties of the responsibilities and possible consequences during this process.

  1. What kind of service can the agency provide for intended parents?

Since there are no set regulations for the services that the agency can provide, these services might vary between different agencies. The right agency should provide services that cover every possibility during the pregnancy.

ASC Surrogacy specializes in matching donors and prospective parents and facilitating surrogacy and egg donation arrangements throughout the United States.

  1. What is the cost for the surrogacy process?

The expense cannot be ignored if the prospective parents plan to have their babies through this method. The right surrogacy agency will inform parents of the full price, in detail, along with the complete services they can offer.

  1. What can we, as intended parents, do during this process?

Before starting the surrogacy journey, parents should decide how involved they want to be during the whole process, including whether to get to know the surrogate mother, whether to get full information about each and every step, and so on.

ASC Surrogacy

Other important questions

How long might it take to find the right surrogate mother?

Is there any counseling service available to the intended parents?

Does the agency provide any insurance for any emergency?

Has the agency been sued by a surrogate mother or intended parents before?

In all, the right surrogacy agency should provide as much detailed information as possible during the surrogacy and act like a messenger between intended parents and surrogate mothers. All of this contributes to the birth of a healthy baby. ASC Surrogacy  helps parents through the surrogacy process with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism, making their dream come true.#American surrogacy center #ASC Surrogacy #Egg donation California #Surrogacy California #Become Egg donation / Surrogacy

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