The Process of Finding Intended Parents For Your Surrogacy Journey

By January 22, 2019 Blog
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Have you considered working with an agency to help you find intended parents for your surrogacy journey?

Although there are other ways to go about this process, working with an agency simplifies the process and even comes with many benefits.

Here’s how the process works.

Working With An Agency To Find Your Intended Parents

Surrogacy CaliforniaWhat are some of the benefits of working with an agency? Here are several worth considering:

  • An agency will help you come up with a plan to achieve your goals and identify your priorities with surrogacy.
  • Their matching service makes it easier for you to find intend parents who are closely in alignment with you and your goals.
  • Agencies always screen intended parents and are committed to surrogacy.

Determine Your Desires For Your Surrogacy Experience

Surrogacy CaliforniaWhat are your desires for your surrogacy experience? What are you looking for in intended parents?

These are the types of questions that an agency will help you answer, understand and clarify.

To develop your plan, you need to give some background information and what your hopes are for the experience. You will also need to identify who your ideal intended parents would be. Think carefully about the type of people you’d like to help, how much contact you’d like to have with them and so on.

Above all, an agency knows exactly what to look for doing this process and will help you identify what your desires are as well as who to match you up with. While, this would be a far more difficult process without professional help.

Review Prospective Intended Parent Profiles

Surrogacy CaliforniaHence, after you’ve created a surrogacy plan and profile, you’ll begin the process of reviewing prospective intended parent profiles (your agency will provide). Matches will always be based on your surrogacy plan and what the agency determines to be your best matches.

Certainly, you will have the opportunity to meet the intended parents before the match is made final. This is either done in-person or over the phone and will be mediated by your surrogacy professional. Besides, you’ll have plenty of chances to ask questions of your intended parents to find out whether there’s a good fit.

Looking For A Match? We Can Help…

Most noteworthy, American Surrogacy Center is here to help you find your intended parents. We have a full-service surrogacy matching agency and are committed to providing a positive and safe environment. We offer all the support you need as a surrogate as we work with the most professional fertility clinics and law firms.

American Surrogacy Center

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