6 Insider Tips to Make Your Labor Easier

By February 21, 2019 Surrogacy
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Childbirth is known for being a special experience for surrogate mothers. Although every surrogate mother has given birth before, it’s hard not to be anxious as your baby’s due date nears. To set your mind at ease, here’s some advice on how you, as a surrogate mother, can prepare.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breath regulation helps release tension during childbirth. In the earlier stages of labor, you should take slow, rhythmic breaths before transitioning to quicker breaths. During contractions, be sure to inhale and exhale fully, even though your breaths will be fast (about one every 2 to 3 seconds). Try to maintain a steady tempo while breathing.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Focusing your senses elsewhere can help lessen your perception of pain. Turn your thoughts to anything that gives you joy, be it your partner, a happy memory, or something else entirely. Visualize yourself in a peaceful environment and listen to music, crickets chirping, or other relaxing noises.

American surrogacy center

Find Support

Ask your hospital or birthing center if they offer prenatal support groups. These groups can provide useful advice, such as how to get ready for labor or what to eat, while supporting each member of the group. Studies report that, on average, women who participate in these groups give birth to babies that weigh more. You can locate a prenatal support group near you at https://www.centeringhealthcare.org/.

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Move Around

Don’t be afraid to get up—let gravity move the baby down and out as you walk, stand, kneel, even rock back and forth. Some positions may be more comfortable than others, so find what works best for you.

Do Your Homework

Read up on ways to alleviate pain during childbirth. For example, you can study self-hypnosis techniques or learn how to apply heat-packs. Talk to your doctor or nurse to identify options you can explore.

Get A Massage

Physical touch, especially from a loved one, conveys reassurance and distracts from the pain of labor. Have your partner or doula (a trained birthing professional) offer support by giving you a neck or foot rub. They can also apply counterpressure by pressing on your tailbone, stroking your back, or pulling on your hips.

American surrogacy center

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