The Pros and Cons of Surrogacy for Intended Parents and Surrogates

By November 14, 2019 Blog, Surrogacy
surrogacy pros and cons

Surrogacy can be an exceptionally fulfilling experience, both for gestational carriers and intended parents. For surrogates, it is the opportunity to be selfless and give life to a couple that wants to have a family. Parents can fulfill their desires of parenthood, and surrogates can be creators of those dreams. 

Without a doubt, surrogacy offers a rewarding experience for everyone involved. On the other hand, it also requires considerable commitment and a great deal of trust from both parties. Whether you’re looking to become a surrogate or you’re an intended parent that is looking to work with one, you should weigh the pros and cons of surrogacy. By exploring both sides of the issue, you’ll feel sure that you’re making the right decision.

Surrogacy Pros for Intended Parents

Parents, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to have children on their own, have a lot to gain from surrogacy. They finally get to have the child they have always wanted, and this, in it of itself, is the biggest reward. 

Surrogacy Completes Your Family

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, infertility affects about 12 to 13 out of every 100 couples. About 10 out of every 100 women will have difficulty having a child. Also, a third of infertility problems are attributed to the female partner, and another third is attributed to the male partner. Fertility problems can affect both men and women equally. 

With infertility being a widespread issue for many couples, surrogacy can be their only option. They can finally put an end to the constant cycle of trying to conceive only to be left with disappointment after every attempt. 

Surrogacy Can Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Partner

While most of us want things to be easy, only adversity can strengthen our character and our relationships. Infertility is not just physical but also an emotional issue that can test a couple’s resolve.

Most couples who seek the help of surrogates have gone through a whirlwind of let-downs and disappointments. By the time they leave the hospital with a child in their hands, it gives new meaning to their relationship. On top of that, they can form a strong relationship with the surrogate mother. 

Surrogacy Gives You the Option to be there From Start to Finish

Unlike adoption, surrogacy gives parents that chance be present at every stage in the creation of their child. From conception to finally holding your baby for the first time, you participate in every part of the process. 

Surrogacy Gives Everyone Better Health

Through surrogacy, you have the support of professional medical staff who are there monitor the surrogate mother’s health before, during, and after the pregnancy. As a result, it means that both mom and baby have the best chances of having a successful pregnancy without complications. 

Surrogacy Cons for Intended Parents

While surrogacy achieves the ultimate outcome of having children, it does come with some disadvantages. 

Surrogacy is a Long Process

Surrogacy is not just about medical procedures; it also involves legal aspects that can include lawyers and contracts. For this reason, parents and surrogates should work with a reputable surrogacy agency that can guide them through the legal process. 

Surrogacy is Expensive

The costs to cover everything, from medical and legal costs, can get quite high. As a result, surrogacy may not be an option for a couple with limited financial resources.

Surrogacy Requires that You Give Up Some Control

While intended parents get to be a part of every stage, you cannot control the surrogate mother or her pregnancy. For these and many other reasons, parents and surrogates should make sure they trust each other completely before working together.

Pros for Surrogate Mothers

Just like parents, surrogacy candidates have a lot to gain from their experience. Here are just a few of the rewards that these remarkable women can expect. 

Surrogacy is a Gift Like No Other

Sure, it feels good to give a gift to someone for their birthday or for a special holiday. Maybe you bought something from a store, or you made something yourself, but the act of giving gives you positive feelings.

Gift giving has been proven to have positive psychological benefits. In other words, if you want to feel good, give something to someone. Now, imagine giving someone the impossible and something for which there is no monetary value, the life of a child! It’s truly a gift like no other. 

Surrogacy Has Financial Rewards

Surrogates receive generous compensation for their time and generosity. Compensation amounts vary by agency, but on average, payment can begin at $25,000. Experienced candidates can also receive bonuses on top of the base amount. This money can help surrogates accomplish financial goals like paying for education, buying a home, or starting a business. 

Surrogacy will Change Your Life for the Better

The surrogacy process is a unique experience like no other. Very few people can say they have made a major life-changing contribution to the lives of others. In short, surrogacy is a heroic effort that is not forgotten.

Knowing this will give you a sense of pride and personal satisfaction that will never wear out. This feeling will improve your self-image and make it more likely for you to accomplish your other goals in life. 

Cons for Surrogate Mothers

Sure, the benefits are life-changing and rewarding. However, you can only get these rewards through commitment and sacrifice. And we all know those two words can only mean that you will have to do your part and give up some of life’s comforts.

Surrogacy Requires a Large Time Commitment 

Between screenings, doctor visits, tests, fertility treatments, and paperwork, the surrogacy journey is time-consuming. In addition, you may have to make lifestyle changes, such as giving up alcohol and taking better care of your health. If you’re unable to make changes and devote time to the process, then surrogacy may not be for you. 

Surrogacy is Physically Demanding

Not only is surrogacy a significant time commitment, but it’s also physically demanding. Medical procedures, treatments, and going through a pregnancy means that your body will have to prepare for changes before, during, and after your pregnancy. You might feel physically exhausted and low on energy at times.

Surrogacy Does Have Medical Risks

Just like any medical procedure, surrogacy does carry risks. You will know ahead of time what those risks are when you meet with your doctors. However, surrogacy medical procedures are generally low-risk. 

Surrogacy Can Be Emotionally Challenging

Surrogacy requires time and physical demands. The stress on your body and the long-time commitment means that it might affect you emotionally. Physical limitations and side-effects from treatments and medications may affect your mood. For this reason, surrogate candidates should be emotionally resilient individuals who have the mental strength and a positive attitude to help get them through difficult periods. 

Some Last Words

Whether you’re looking to pursue surrogacy as a gestational carrier or an intended parent, this is a major decision for anyone involved. Before deciding on whether this is the right path, you should be aware of what is ahead of you and what you can expect. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. However, once you’ve gone on this journey, it will enrich your life in unimaginable ways.